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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare The book was absolutely stunning. In fact the whole series was superb!All of the characters are well developed. I love Will and Tessa's relationship because they both understand each other. When they fall into conversation they quote words from their favourite novels. I've always wanted to find a man who would understand my passion for books, and Will Herondale is that man. His humour made me laugh. And his wit with using words on courting Tessa made me fall in love with his character. I completely understand why Tessa loved him. Jem and Tessa is a real couple. They wholly know how to alleviate each other’s feelings in times when one of them needs comfort. Will and Tessa understands each other through words, whereas the latter pair tolerates each other through the music of a violin. Both pairs are different in their own way. And as for now, my heart is torn between the two ships. I can't even figure out which of both pairs are canon. The epilogue was perfect. I liked the way Cassie ended it with Jem and Tessa together in each other's arms. After reading it, it left me feeling like there's a hollow part missing inside me. It was gut-wrenching and deeply agonizing.Only few books have made me shed tears this much. The way Cassandra Clare uses words in this novel is compelling and powerful. It affected me much. And as an avid reader, being overwhelmed by the power of words of a book is a surreal feeling. It's like I'm inside the world of The Infernal Devices, in London and Wales, and whichever place it takes me. I absorbed and felt every essence of a word used. Thank you so much Cassandra for a wonderful masterpiece you have shared in the literary world.