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Delirium - Lauren Oliver 3.6I like dystopian novels but I rarely find one that is "exceptional" and unfortunately this book hasn't impressed me that much. The idea of love (amor deliria nervosa) being a disease is indeed great. But I find Lena kind of irksome. Her personality hasn't thrilled me much from the first and the last time I read through her point of view. I don't like female protagonists who shows even a teensy bit of weakness. But maybe feebleness is supposed to be one of her characteristics, with that, I don't know.The ending was absolutely moving, yes, but I have to say the first few chapters bored me just a bit. I will put the second book on hold and try to read it as soon as I finish Divergent (which people has been talking about and I don't wanna miss out.) But all in all, this was a great read! I highly recommend this book for those who's into dystopian romance novels.