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The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

I know I finished this one days ago but I usually write my reviews days after I read a particular book.


So, to start off, I think The Evolution of Mara Dyer was more interesting than the first book. Everything that's happened was vividly told. I liked how Ms. Hodkin writes her books, I personally think she's a witty woman because of how she twines words. And she's a law student, so no doubt she's really an intelligent person.


Moving on. The plot of the Mara Dyer series is amazing, that I assure you. Every chapter will keep you hanging on your toes. Especially the parts where creepy things are happening and you're thoughts would be like "What the hell! How could that possibly happen!" and "Oh my god, what's going on?!"


The only problem I had with this book/series is the characters, specifically the two protagonists. I didn't like Mara that much, I think she's a weak character and I hate that kind of girl protagonist. I prefer stronger ones. But I don't know, maybe she's supposed to act like that because of her "disorder"? The only thing I like about her is that I can somehow relate to how she feels when someone doesn't listen to her when she talks. I also didn't like Noah's character either, he's too secretive and I think he's a jerk, but I like how he's very supportive of Mara.


Also, regarding Mara and Noah's relationship, I kind of dislike it. I know there's something weird that's happening to both of them and I adore how they help each other solve the dilemma. But I think there's something missing with their affair, I don't know how to say it. hmm... it's kind of like you want to turn on the lights but there's no electricity. OH! YEAH! I found the right words. There's no spark. There are some swoon worthy exchanges between them, yes. I just don't know if their affair is solid or what because there were certain parts where their relationship got strange and awkward. Further, I find it comical when they're about to make love (it happened twice), but it never happened.


I think that's it. Maybe all these negative reviews will change after I read the third installment.