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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

While I was reading this book, a tiny amount of annoyance hit me. The constant reaction of Clay to everything Hannah said during the tapes was a bit confusing, there were times when I had to look back and read again some of the passages, to check if it were Clay's thoughts, or Hannah talking. I also expected that this book would affect me emotionally, after all, it's a novel about suicide and depressions and other teenager problems. But unfortunately, the force of sadness I was anticipating for didn't come. I guess I was expecting too much.


Moving on. As I got further into the story, I finally realized the true meaning of this book: It wasn't about who's popular or who hooked up with who. It's about a girl, struggling to make people understand what she was going through, but sadly, no one was able to grasp what she was trying to express. No one was able to help. It seemed dismal to me that there was never any person she could turn to in time of her need.


I gave it 3 stars because I just find it hard to understand how Hannah could give up on life so easily, (or maybe it's just because I've never had any suicide thoughts so I didn't completely perceive her "reasons why") I mean, sure, you get bullied everyday and problems do come in our life, but you just have look on the positive side and try to not get aggravated with it all. And if you think there's no one who cared about you at all, there's God to hold on to. He never leaves. Just endure everything because in the end all the obstacles you've gone through will be your guide and path to a great life. Let all the worse experiences you've encountered lead you to be a wonderful being.


Although I wasn't impressed with this book that much, the lesson I learned from reading Thirteen Reasons Why is of a great extent. It shows us how every person, whether it be at school, at home, or even through the internet, and the things we do can have a great effect on someone else's life. Also, we should take time to try and understand people who is currently dealing with great problems, not just them, but also every people we meet. Make them feel that you care, don't let them slip away, get them into talking, because, we might not know it, but we could change somebody's decision to ending his/her life.