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Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta

After reading this book, Melina Marchetta has landed onto my list of favourite EVER authors. I absolutely adored Saving Francesca. I've felt extreme emotions while reading it. Melina creates truly wonderful characters and the way she writes situations pulls my heartstrings.


Francesca is such a brilliant and endearing character. Reading through her point of view was a thrilling journey. I'd like to think she's a female version of Charlie from TPoBaW. hihihihi :"> My fave line from from her:


                   "I want to be an adjective again.

                    But I'm a noun.

                    A nothing. A nobody. A no one."


At the start of the novel, we can see how uncomfortable Francesca feels at St. Sebatian's. It seems as though Francesca has changed herself into what she thinks her friends want and need her to be that she's lost who she is. The journey in which Francesca finds her real self felt very natural and believable. Francesca's friends and each of their personalities also made up for some interesting reading. Their transformation throughout the book was wholesome. From annoying people circling around Francesca to being her close friends.


I adore her relationship with his little brother, Luca. Let me quote you a passage from the book where it shows how Francesca is a really valuable sister and how she cares deeply for him.


    "I look for Luca at lunchtime to see how he's coping at my aunt's place. He's                    looking miserable by the cafeteria, and when he sees me, his little face lights                  up, which makes me want to cry."




See? Who wouldn't love her character?!?!?! I wonder if my sister ever felt like that whenever she sees me in a state of anxiety.


The problem inside their family were the very intriguing and emotional parts of the book. Her mother's depression over her miscarriage ripped my heart out. Notably the part where she was confronting her father about the certain problem. Blaming him for the sudden miserable appearance of her mother. Their family was slowly falling apart into pieces.


And then there's Will Trombal. I liked how he transformed from an arrogant bastard to an absolutely swoonwworthy character. I absolutely liked the tension between Will and Francesca. With all the budding romances, dilemma inside their family, and the ups and downs between Francesca and her friends I just really couldn't put this book down. It was a beautifully written story. I've felt every emotions while reading this book, from sorrow to laughter, it all seems real to me. There was never a dull moment while reading this. And I am really looking forward to reading Marchetta's other works.