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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

I love that this book was about two people who were both successful and not the poor girl with the billionaire guy. The chemistry between Simon and Caroline was flawless. It all started with slight bickering, budding friendship and sexual tension, until they got close to each other and started hanging out. It's the type of relationship that everyone would like to have. To feel so comfortable around each other that you won't get conscious about what you do and you can just be yourself. 

I loved all the characters, especially Caroline. Her sense of humor could surely knock a guy out, and her confidence, which I think, is one of her strong assets. I also like that Simon was concerned at first about doing "it" with Caroline, he's worried that it could ruin their friendship, that things would get weird between them, and if he let himself do something about the attraction things may never be the same again. Alice Clayton's choice of the personality of each of the protagonists friends was also amusing, I could almost assume that she planned it very carefully.

This book was hilarious, an easy read, uputdownable and just really superb. I really loved it!

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