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Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder Poison Study was an enthralling read from the beginning and remained fast-paced throughout the book. Every chapter ending was intriguing, making you want to flip to the next pages and continue reading until you never put it down. I really liked Poison Study, but the reason for not giving it a five star rating is because I felt the story won't stuck to me. I can't say that it impressed me, but it is, in a way, a fascinating read. Every character is well-written, especially Yelena and Valek. I say Yelena, because I think she's a very complex character, a kick-ass heroine and almost a warrior when she acts. She has traits which is always interesting to read about. She's also a lady with real strength in her, which I believe, is a developed attribute after suffering from the torture of Reyad and Generall Brazell. I also liked...oh no... loved, Valek, who is the chief of security for the commander. We see him as tough, hard and numb. But gradually, his true character shows off. Yelena (and us, readers) realizes that there's more to him. He's intelligent and canny. And, Valek has a startling amount of kindness and gentleness in him. No wonder I fell in love with his appearance in the book.Poison Study is a sensible, impressive and a riveting read. It has great characters with great names. And a love interest that may cause us to weaken. I enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it to fantasy readers.